5 Different Modeling Types

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Before contacting agents, know your model type.  Having knowledge of your roles makes you better prepared in the industry.  This process is intense which is why models specialize in specific fields.  Businesses cater to unique types of people varying in age, size, and taste.  Also, it pays to be familiar with the difference types of modeling.
Did you know… Runway models are distinguished?  Most women and men walk the runway wearing fashionable clothes to leave an impact.    Commercial Print modeling is more flexible?  Products and services businesses need models to present them in commercial print media.Editorialmodeling requires some seminars or courses?  This opportunity is great for petite models less than 5’7 height.Promotional modeling needs acting and sales skills?  Company and businesses would like high profile models able to converse professionally.Body parts modeling industry value good well-being?  Marketing jewelry, hair product…

Marketing as A Fashion Model on Social Media

Get SUPER Excited Top Models!  Did you know models with large social media followings book more jobs?
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are the major social media networks for models. Marketing on social media has changed dramatically.   Follow some of your favorite super models and pay attention to the frequency of their posts and messages.  When it comes to posting on social media post appropriate content and always look busy.
Avoid Posting: Swearing, avoid this by any means necessary.Posting negativity about designers, or other models is a not a clever idea.Nudity will get your account shut down.Post: Airline TicketsSelfies in Makeup ChairGym WorkoutRunway PicsQuotes "Inspirational"Model FriendsMagazine TearsFeel free to join our private The Model Walk group.  Don't forget to subscribe by email and leave a comment.  Until next time have a wonderful day. 

A Model Runway Walk Should Have Style

Get Excited Top Models!Did you know that walking down the runway is like posing, but in a continuous, traveling motion?

Also, did you know that an attractive walk begins with good posture?
A model walk should have style. So, practice walking at both fast and slow pace.Put on music when practicing because many shows involve music. Walk toward a full-length mirror to analyze your walking style.When walking keeps lower body balanced so that hips and pelvis are thrust neither forward nor backward.  As you step push into your next step lightly, securely and keep the upper body relaxed.
Feel free to join our private The Model Walk group.  Don't forget to subscribe by email and leave a comment.  Until next time have a wonderful day.

Pro Tip Observe experienced models to borrow ideas that you can incorporate into your own walking style.