What's In Your Model Bag

Get SUPER Excited Top Models!  What’s in your model’s bag? 
As a model when going to castings you will need your “model’s bag”, which include clothes, accessories and some photo shoots.  The basic items for female model would be your shoes and the correct undergarments.  All models should have heels 4-5” high in black, nude and a metallic color such as silver, gold or bronze.    Female models need a great strapless bra in a tone color.  Other items for your bag include: a good mascara, basic false lashes, nail polish remover, concealer, and basic skincare items.   
Also, it’s important to have clothing without any other logos or brand names that will draw attention away from client’s brand.  Your wardrobe for castings is black leggings, skinny jeans or shorts with a fitted black camisole or tank top. 

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Pro Tip
Thongs, seamless panties, body suits in flesh tones go in your model bag as well.


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