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5 Different Modeling Types

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Before contacting agents, know your model type.  Having knowledge of your roles makes you better prepared in the industry.  This process is intense which is why models specialize in specific fields.  Businesses cater to unique types of people varying in age, size, and taste.  Also, it pays to be familiar with the difference types of modeling.
Did you know… Runway models are distinguished?  Most women and men walk the runway wearing fashionable clothes to leave an impact.    Commercial Print modeling is more flexible?  Products and services businesses need models to present them in commercial print media.Editorialmodeling requires some seminars or courses?  This opportunity is great for petite models less than 5’7 height.Promotional modeling needs acting and sales skills?  Company and businesses would like high profile models able to converse professionally.Body parts modeling industry value good well-being?  Marketing jewelry, hair product…

Marketing as A Fashion Model on Social Media

Get SUPER Excited Top Models!  Did you know models with large social media followings book more jobs?
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are the major social media networks for models. Marketing on social media has changed dramatically.   Follow some of your favorite super models and pay attention to the frequency of their posts and messages.  When it comes to posting on social media post appropriate content and always look busy.
Avoid Posting: Swearing, avoid this by any means necessary.Posting negativity about designers, or other models is a not a clever idea.Nudity will get your account shut down.Post: Airline TicketsSelfies in Makeup ChairGym WorkoutRunway PicsQuotes "Inspirational"Model FriendsMagazine TearsFeel free to join our private The Model Walk group.  Don't forget to subscribe by email and leave a comment.  Until next time have a wonderful day. 

A Model Runway Walk Should Have Style

Get Excited Top Models!Did you know that walking down the runway is like posing, but in a continuous, traveling motion?

Also, did you know that an attractive walk begins with good posture?
A model walk should have style. So, practice walking at both fast and slow pace.Put on music when practicing because many shows involve music. Walk toward a full-length mirror to analyze your walking style.When walking keeps lower body balanced so that hips and pelvis are thrust neither forward nor backward.  As you step push into your next step lightly, securely and keep the upper body relaxed.
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Pro Tip Observe experienced models to borrow ideas that you can incorporate into your own walking style.

What's In Your Model Bag

Get SUPER Excited Top Models!What’s in your model’s bag? As a model when going to castings you will need your “model’s bag”, which include clothes, accessories and some photo shoots.The basic items for female model would be your shoes and the correct undergarments.All models should have heels 4-5” high in black, nude and a metallic color such as silver, gold or bronze.    Female models need a great strapless bra in a tone color.Other items for your bag include: a good mascara, basic false lashes, nail polish remover, concealer, and basic skincare items. Also, it’s important to have clothing without any other logos or brand names that will draw attention away from client’s brand.  Your wardrobe for castings is black leggings, skinny jeans or shorts with a fitted black camisole or tank top.

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Pro Tip
Thongs, seamless panties, body suits in flesh…

4 Reasons Why Fashion Shows Are Conducted

Get Excited Top Models!  Did you know live fashion modeling means that the model show how garment looks on a human figure? 

Runway modeling takes place in a set area, such as a stage or runway.   There are four purposes why fashion shows are navigated.  As a model, you play an important part in each step of the process.
To release news to the press.To sell garments to customers.To introduce latest designs to buyers.To entertain by gaining publicity or raising money for a company example, magazine or charity benefits.
Pro Tip Runway modeling must be fascinating to have an impact, so style, flair, and showmanship are important qualities as a model.

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Get SUPER Excited Top Models!  Did you know as a successful model it's better to be prepared always?Build your beauty kit with these items before traveling to a casting: skincare supplies, beauty products including cheek, lips, eyes and beauty tools.

Skin care Supplies
Makeup removerMoisturizerFreshener/TonerCleanserFacial MaskBeauty Products
Foundation (three shades: one perfectly matched to skin tone, one a shade lighter, and one a shade darker).ConcealerContour/highlight cream or powder.Face powder (translucent, matte, skin toned in a light, medium and dark shades).Cheeks
Cheek color (powder or cream in a basic wardrobe of colors red tones, orange tones, violet tones, brown tones, and gold; a soft pink to simulate the natural blush of cheeks is important; include any other colors that are fashionable and flattering).Lips
Lip color (same shades as above but also include matte white, frosted gold, and frosted silver to lighten, warm, cool, or add frost to all colors).Clear lip gloss o…

Things Fashion Models Need To Know

Hey Everybody!  Get SUPER Excited! Modeling is more than a job, it is an adventure and can help to facilitate growth from places within yourself.  How much do you know as a model?  

Here's 7 things to know as a model: Looking at fashion magazines can give you useful tips for modeling.  You can learn poses and body postures.Keep a day planner notebook or scheduling phone app if need beWhile creating your portfolios, work on your “walk” which is going to be one of the very first thing that agents will want to see before the sign you.Know your own measurements, skin tone, body structures, etc. at the tip of your tongue.Your portfolio, need to have a variety of poses and angles showing your features and talents in the best possible manner.Build personal website it gives the appearance you have already attained a certain level of success in the industry even if you are not starting out.Establishing a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account as a model is important currently.
Feel free to j…

7 Makeup Products for Model's Makeup Kit

Hey Top Models! Get SUPER Excited!  I'm back, I'm back! Did you know one of the most important necessities of the trade is a model's makeup kit?  

Your makeup kit should have two important types of items: beauty tools and beauty products.  Let's talk about beauty products...Here's a list of beauty products all models should have in their makeup kit.

There are seven basic types of makeup products a model will need:

1. Concealer
2. Foundation
3. Contour/Highlight
4. Face Powder
5. Cheek Color
6. Lip Color
7. Eye Makeup (eyebrow makeup, eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara)

BONUS Eye Drops

Experience with several products and select them carefully.  Until next time have a wonderful day!