Positive feed back from clients: 

You did amazing and your training is a true testament to your experience and expertise!  I learned a lot and I know all the girls enjoyed your presentation.  We will need to plan a class of some sort! Would you be open to that? Kim, theBalm Cosmetics

Packed!!! So exciting!!! Congratulations to Corinne, Julivet, Patricia and the rest of the Herald Square team!! Brenda Darcy

Great Job to all! Greg Calvano Senior Director, Store Operations Duane Reade

 Holy Canoli! Nice job ladies. I am glad it turned out well! Congrats to all of you! Happy Selling!  Crystal Christopher  

Congrats ladies on a job well done! Nashon  

Corinne, Thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful event. You and your team did a really great job! Thanks again, Marcia ​ ​

My skin is doing great! Thanks for your knowledge of knowing how to take care of skin care; I don't know what I would do without you. I'm glad; I didn't have to waste time and money going to a dermatologist.

Hey Chris…. just wanted to let you know…. you missed our 1st annual Make Over, hosted by our famous in-house makeup artist, Corinne… ..: She made over Michelle and I, and you wouldn't believe your eyes…. We look MARVELOUS!!!!

Thank you so much! I love them! I got great reviews on my make-up from my friends. Monique

wowwwwwwwwwwwww....That's me :)

I look amazing, Now I'm loving that look!!

I'm ready to try this look, Thank you cuz!!
I'm going to have to order me some of Flori Roberts Makeup,I'm very pleased, again,Thank you!!!! Ebony

I LOVE IT!!!!!! Oh My God...I look good.....Thank You! Kesia P

Thanks for the makeup tip; I tried it this morning and let me tell you my whole appearance change. I thought I was really hitting on something before. I took your advice it gave my face a change for the better. I 'm heading to work all I'm going to do today is smile and look good. I thought I was getting compliments before. Look out! I'll try not to hurt anybody. Again, thanks a lot! You’re the best of the best! God bless you! Kim


I want to Thank you again for doing my make up so Fierce & fabulous. I felt and look like a real model, with my new smokey eyes :). Cassandra

Hey Corinne, I love the photos, they came out nice. You have skills applying makeup, I learn a lot in one session from you. You are a true Makeupnista Diva!

Ooh how thankful I'm to find someone who can actually do my Eyebrows s Oo perfect. I stopped doing them for 6months because I refuse to let another Korean touch my eyebrows. Either they were too skinny or I get a bunch of bumps from the wax. Thanks to Corinne Mitcham my new eyebrowist BOom!

If you have a up and coming event and need to be glamorized Corinne Mitcham is where u need to be. Thank You for the new Brows


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